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Room Parents

Every year we recruit 1-2 parents to be Room Parents for individual classrooms. They have five primary responsibilities:


  1. Communications: They will connect with you to ask how you’d like to partner. Then they will be the email liaison between the PTA and class parents as well as between you and class parents (if you want that).

  2. Class PartiesThey will plan up to four parties each year, including a fall/Halloween party, a winter party, a Valentine’s Day party, and something at the end of the year. Room Parents will take full responsibility for organizing, including partnering with Room Parents from the same grade to promote equity between classrooms, and will stay within the time and restrictions provided by the principal. Parties are paid for through a one-time ask of parents near the beginning of the year and will have a budget allocated by the PTA.

  3. Gala: Every spring the PTA holds its major fundraiser (which we would LOVE for staff to attend!). Each grade level will have a role in assembling a silent auction basket or some other contribution. Room Parents will facilitate communication between the Gala Committee, class parents, and teachers.

  4. Teacher Gifts: We know you don’t teach for the gifts, but many parents do want to shower you with you tokens of appreciation for all you do! Room Parents may work with class parents to organize holiday or end-of-year gifts for you.

  5. Build Community: Room Parents are tasked with getting creative to help you and connect the families in your class. This could mean organizing group playdates, classroom volunteer recruitment, or other activities and initiatives. Always feel free to float ideas that you might have with your Room Parent(s)!

Email with questions.

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