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What We Do

The Maple Grove PTA supports Maple Grove Elementary School by:

  1. Partnering on school initiatives and needs, from the science fair to classroom supplies 

  2. Building a strong and connected community through fun events, good communication, and appreciation for Maple Grove staff and our diverse community 

  3. Fundraising to cover the gaps in school funding, such as staffing and technology


Our Mission

The Maple Grove PTA believes that we are better together. We’re families and schools in partnership for the sake of every child.

Our mission is to connect, advocate for, represent, engage, and support our parents, teachers, staff and local community in order to help every child reach their full potential.


2022-2023 Goals

  1. Cultivate the community

  2. Cover the gap (in school funding)

We’re putting extra attention and effort into rebuilding the sense of community that was lost during the pandemic, through new community events and activities that will bring us together and strengthen connections. We’re also increasing our fundraising goals so we can provide four paraprofessional staff at the school, new smart boards for classrooms, enhanced books and supplies for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing and speech therapy programs, and much more.

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