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Meet the Teacher Representative

Mrs. Filce (second grade) volunteers her time as a PTA Teacher Representative. She attends almost all PTA and Board meetings and is the liaison between staff and the PTA. She is a great resource to get your PTA questions answered or ideas shared.

Become a teacher's representative that sits on our board along with Mrs. Filce! Email

Get to Know Mrs. Filce

I was born and raised in Applewood.  My dad taught at Everitt Junior High and my mom still lives in my childhood home less than a mile from Maple Grove. So, teaching at Maple Grove truly feels like home. I graduated from Wheat Ridge High School, then I attended Metropolitan State College and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science along with my teaching license in 1992,  I then earned my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Math and Science at the University of Colorado Denver. One fun fact about me is that in my 20s, I was a certified skydiver for a short time. Another fun fact is that both my husband and I are scuba diving instructors.  Because of that, we get to travel to beautiful dive destinations and explore underwater. I am also a huge Broncos fan. This year I am looking forward to having a fun and successful year with my amazing 2nd graders!

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