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Community Building

When our school community is connected and collaborative, our school is stronger and our kids thrive! The PTA focuses a lot of attention on cultivating our Maple Grove community through fun events, volunteering opportunities, advocacy and other activities that help families get to know each other and get involved. We’re also committed to supporting school staff so they feel appreciated and welcome as part of our community.

Community Events

We host events all year round! In the fall, we kick things off with Back-to-School gatherings, a school dance, Fall Fest, family-hosted get-togethers known as “experience parties,” and more! Every November and December we operate Holiday Helper food and gift drives to support Maple Grove families and other families in our community. In the spring, there’s volunteer appreciation, community parties, grade-level gatherings, and other fun. Check out our calendar and watch your email for details!


Staff Appreciation

Strong schools have staff that feel valued and supported! The PTA provides meals during parent-teacher conferences, gifts and treats throughout the year, notes of appreciation, and fun ways to involve the whole community in thanking our amazing Maple Grove teachers and staff!



There’s a lot of information to keep track of as a parent. Our PTA communications team publishes a weekly newsletter, the Grizzly Gazette, to keep you up-to-date and in the know. They also coordinate the flyers you’ll find in your Friday Folders, publish a school directory, and manage the Grizzly Den Facebook page–your home for Maple Grove news, photos, Q&A, and family connections!



Guided by the JeffCo and Colorado PTA, the Maple Grove PTA supports laws that further the education, physical and mental health, welfare, and safety of children and youth.


Holiday Helpers

The Maple Grove community is super generous! We love our neighbors and want to help everyone enjoy the holiday season. Be a part of this important program by donating to the food and gift drives.

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Fall Fest

Every fall, to celebrate students’ success during the Fun Run, we host our biggest community gathering–Fall Fest! With concessions, pumpkin sales, bounce houses, carnival games, face painting, student entrepreneur booths, and more, it’s the most fun you’ll have all season!


Maple Grove Food & Clothing Pantry

More information coming soon!

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