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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Maple Grove PTA's mission requires that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) be central to our work and used in our day-to-day decisions and actions. We aim to be an organization that represents all parents, caregivers, educators, and children, which enables us to make every child’s potential a reality.


Our collective backgrounds, perspectives and ideas allow us to create the strongest future and direction for Maple Grove: 

  • When PTAs respect differences yet acknowledge shared commonalities uniting their communities, and then develop meaningful priorities based upon their knowledge, they genuinely represent their communities.

  • When PTAs represent their communities, they gain strength and effectiveness through increased volunteer and resource support.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining, email

DEI Goals & Priorities

This year we’re focused on embracing DEI throughout the PTA and bringing cultural awareness and education into everything we do! From sharing recipes to learning about holidays, we’re creating opportunities for families to engage with each other and learn more about the rich diversity of our school community.

We’re focusing on:

  • Cultural education

  • Community connections

  • Support for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing program

  • Integrating DEI into every part of the PTA

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DEI Committee

The DEI Committee is a PTA-run committee made up of parents and teachers who want to help make Maple Grove the most welcoming school it can be. We meet monthly throughout the school year and allocate funds to events, activities, and resources that support cultural education and diversity initiatives in the school and community.

So far this year we’ve:

  • Planned a schoolwide salsa dance

  • Provided Día de los Muertos activities for movie night

  • Purchased Colors of the World art supplies for teachers

  • Published a community cookbook

  • Supplied new books to the school library

  • Created a virtual home for families interested in DEI and cultural education to connect and learn together

  • Developed a suite of art posters for the school and teachers to decorate with

  • Decorated a new bulletin board in the school with inspiring quotes and figures

  • And we’re just getting started!


Community Cookbook

More coming soon!

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Diversity Library

More coming soon!


Colors of the World

More coming soon!


DEI Bulletin Board

More coming soon!

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Salsa Dance

More coming soon!

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