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Science Fair

Have your kids ever asked you how airplanes fly? Or what rainbows are made of? Encourage them to answer their own science questions by participating in the Maple Grove Science Fair. It’s a fun and empowering way for students to explore the world of science! All grades and skill levels are encouraged to participate. Below are the key details for the 2024 Science Fair:

  • March 15: Registration deadline

  • March 27: After school set-up

  • March 28:  Science Fair!

    • 8-2:30 pm: Classes visit and participants explain project to scientists​

    • 6-7:30 pm Family celebration and awards 

For questions or more info, please contact Brian Hansen, Science Fair Coordinator

Science Courses


To participate please fill out the online Registration Form. Please note registration closes on Friday, March 15 to allow us time to plan final logistics. The experiment or project doesn't need to be done, or even decided on, by the registration deadline, we just need to know who is planning to participate. Spring Break will give lots of time to create and complete an experiment or project.

Kids in Technology Class

Information Guide

Please download the Information Guide, which provides more detail about the process and the various ways to answer a question. This year we are encouraging demonstration projects along with experiments!

Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 6.21.54 AM.png

Science Fair Notebook

Remember to fill out your Science Fair Notebook as you are preparing and conducting your project. All participants are required to bring their completed notebook on the day of the Science Fair. The Science Fair Notebook is available to download in Microsoft Word, but let us know if you require a different format.

Science Experiment


For help in determining a good science question, you may want to review the list of Science Fair past questions.

There are also many great resources for science experiment ideas in the Maple Grove library, the public library (children’s science section), and on the internet. Some particularly good websites are:

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

Volunteer at the Science Fair!

We need a lot of volunteers to make the Science Fair happen!

  • Display setup helpers

  • Awards coordinator

  • Scheduler

  • Reception coordinator

  • Judges

  • Runner

  • Clean-up

  • Donate refreshments

Planet and Moon
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